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Welcome to our web site!

As specialists in Long-Term Care, we help clients establish a plan for LTC to manage the risk and protect the retirement portfolio from the 
devatating  financial consequences of needing long-term care.  We work with clients who understand the repercussions to their family, that paying for care could wipe out  their assets, and recognize the need to have indpendence and control.   
At Long Term Care Planning Advisors, we understand that it takes time to confidently recommend the proper coverage to achieve maximum benefit.  To that end, we will conduct an objective needs assessment analysis and review financial goals to help clients determine suitability of coverage in their long-term care planning decisions for today and tomorrow.  At the core of this consultative process, is the emphasis on client-advisor relationship.  

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Our Commitment: 
We approach our business in a consultative manner and believe in creating and establishing a plan for long-term care (LTC) to protect clients from the element of risk and consequences - not selling an insurance product. Once we understand what is important to you, and have identified your needs, we will develop a comprehensive plan so that you do not have to divert income and invade principal allocated for retirement. Since our firm is an independent entity, we can offer a broad range of products from a variety of insurance companies based upon your specific needs. We look forward to working with you.

Long Term Care Planning Advisors, LLC
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